HxC Rev. F Emulator with YAMAHA SY77

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HxC Rev. F Emulator with YAMAHA SY77

Post by ingmd »

I hope someone here can help me - I'm new and get the Floppy Emulator not working with my SY77.
Here some informations, if something is missing, please advice what you will need to can help me! Thank's in advance!

I recently bought the HxC Floppy Emulator, Rev. F for my YAMAHA SY77 synthesizer, which should work according the description in the showroom, etc. but I was not able to get the device running.

I have it connected with a correct 34pin to 24 pin adapter cable from here:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-SY-77-S ... 3284997268

which is exactly the FDD drive in my SY77 device (MITSUMI D357B).

I tried all Config settings (Shugart, ...) and all jumper settings, but I always get a "Disk not ready" error message on my SY77 synthesizer. With the original FDD drive everything works fine.

I do not have any more ideas what to try or change, it will not work.

Can you tell me the correct jumper settings and config-settings for the SY77?
I also madea Disk Dump from the original FDDs which worked fine (also with always the correct tried config settings), but nothing worked for now.

Thank you very much,

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Re: HxC Rev. F Emulator with YAMAHA SY77

Post by Jeff »

(Support done by email ) :
Hi Jean-Francois,

I think I found a working solution:

I set the switchs 1 and 4 to ON, all others to off and used following
config file (see attached).

This is IBM-PC720 at HFE file interface mode and SD HxC Floppy Emulator
Interface setting. Then I checked also the point "Drive B input as
Drives Motor ON".

Then I made a new disk dump form my original floppy with this setting
and stored it to the SD card together with this config file.

Now I can read the SD from my SY77 and it worked !!!!

But I have a question about saving: I can save the data from the SY77,
but where was it stored? I had to select an *.hfe file (otherwise I get
again the "disk not ready", then I can save, but where is it on the
SD-card? How can I see the new file stored?

Thank you!

BR, Markus
ok , the settings look strange but if this is working for you this is fine.

To read the hfe content you can use the dos disk browser :

https://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_dri ... rowser.zip

copy the dos disk browser exe and dll to the sdcard. Then just run it from the sdcard.
thanks a lot - I will write the infos also into the forum.
I checked now twice all settings, config, disk-dumps and now everything works fine.
Greetings from Vienna, stay healthy and keep up the great work for our old stuff ... ;-)
BR, Markus

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