emulator gotek/casio wk1800 problem

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emulator gotek/casio wk1800 problem

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please help. I'm from Poland, I bought a gotek floppy disk emulator. another day I try to run it in casio wk1800 keyboard. still just 'no disc', err format '. Recently, I even connected it to a computer, uploaded the software via DFUSE. I formatted the pen drive to fat 32 etc. At first, after connecting to casio, gotek displayed the digits 000, 020. now it only displays F-F and when I connect the pendrive: r, b. I don't have the strength anymore, I can't do it, please, if anyone can do it

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Re: emulator gotek/casio wk1800 problem

Post by Jeff »

you may need to install the hxc firmware : https://hxc2001.com/store

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