ASR-X Pro Setup Help

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ASR-X Pro Setup Help

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hi all, i have my gotek floppy to usb emulator drive setup in my asr-x pro. i just want to be able to save the audio samples i record into the asr-x onto a usb drive. nothing else, really. i've paid for and installed the hxc firmware on the drive and when i plug my usb stick into it the display reads "nfl". i read this means no file image on the drive. i'm not sure where to go after this. i'm super new at this process. finding any info on how to get the asr-x to save samples onto a usb drive is pretty tough to find.

i imagine there's other software i need to complete this?? if anyone could give me a hand, i'd really appreciate it!

Edit: i learned you must prepare the usb drive with the hxcsdfe.cfg and dskaxxxx.hfe files. i downloaded the quickinstall_floppydiskimages zip folder. i unpacked the "ensoniq asr10"zip since i did not see a folder for an asr-x. i choose the indexed .cfg file cause i don't have the lcd/led screen and renamed it accordingly. i copied the .cfg along with all the .hfe files from the "asr10" zip to the root of the usb. i made a couple .img files to put in the usb root using this naming convention "dskaxxxx_myfloppyname.img". when i tried to save to the usb from the asr-x to one of the .img file i created, the device read: not DOS formatted!

could it be the wrong type of quickinstall image, since i'm using the asr10 and not the asr-x??

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Re: ASR-X Pro Setup Help

Post by Jeff »

Please try the PC HFE files in the quick install archive.

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