Ensoniq SQ80 - What to do next after flashing?

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Ensoniq SQ80 - What to do next after flashing?

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I have one of those alphanumeric Gotek drives (not OLED). I have completed the following steps:
1. Flashed bootloader successfully using the instructions for a TTL-serial usb device
2. Put the HxCFEUSB_V3_5_2_5a.UPD firmware onto the root of a FAT32 usb drive
3. I see Ldr when I power on the SQ80
4. Powered off the SQ80, inserted the usb drive and pressed both the buttons on the gotek at once. It would flash the "888" quickly and then there would be like some pattern of rotating lines around the display, first fast, then slow. Then the "888" flashes 3 times and then it reads NFL.
5. I have no idea if I have flashed the firmware correctly or what to do now. Am I supposed to create directories on the usb? When I try to save a patch on the SQ80 it just gets stuck on reading directory.

[edit] I put some directories into the usb drive and named them 000 and 001. Now I am getting "nor" on the display. It still gets stuck on "Reading directory" if I try to save a patch to it.

[edit 2] I downloaded the QuickInstall_FloppyDiskImages.zip and put all the *.hfe files from the SQ80 folder onto the usb drive. Renamed HXCSDFE.CFG-indexed to HXCSDFE.CFG. Now I can increment 000 to ###. I think it seems to be working. I've been able to save Banks, just need to figure out how to save individual programs.

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Re: Ensoniq SQ80 - What to do next after flashing?

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"NOR" means that it is in normal mode, so your load definitely completed correctly.

And yes, you need to create files (*NOT* directories!) on the stick for use by your device, allthough I have no experience with that device to be of much help - jopefully Jeff will be along shortly.

You should be able to select the image with the up/down buttons, although I don't think normal mode is useful without an OLED or LCD display.

I suggest you find and read the docs . . most of this stuff is well documented.

- Tim

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Re: Ensoniq SQ80 - What to do next after flashing?

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