OS X user. What am I going to have to have?

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OS X user. What am I going to have to have?

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So far I've been pretty lucky -- my SD-1's floppies are still readable and my drive is still working, but it's obvious that there's going to be a point where the drive fails.

As I'm an OS X user rather than a PC person, it looks like I'll have to make at least a small investment in PC hardware/software to get to the point where I can set up the drive; after that I can use FAT32 emulation on OS X to write to SD cards or USB sticks. Some questions:
  • What I am going to have to have to get the drive set up and initialized? An older PC laptop with a floppy drive enough, or will I need to build out a custom machine to make this work?
  • Will I have to run Win98 or something else? What runs Win98 in this day and age?
  • How hard is this install? I am crap with a soldering iron; if it's "hook up some connectors" I can manage it.
Thanks for any info.

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