No floppy drive to create bootable usb.

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No floppy drive to create bootable usb.

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I was looking for some help. I bought a gotec floppy emulator this past week and I can not get it to work. It has hxc software on it but when I try to format on my ensoniq eps 16 plus it flashes 004 and won't format the flash drive. I formated the flash drive on windows 8 as fat. I figure the 004 flashing means its formated but no operating system. Also, do you have a copy of the 1.3 operating system for the eps 16 plus for the gotekl? I have it but only on floppy drive. I no longer have a floppy drive any place in the house. And I have 4 old computers and still they do not have floppies. And the EPS floppy won't work with my desktop.

I would really appreciate your help and the operating system in a format that I can get it onto a flash drive.

Thanks so much,

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Re: No floppy drive to create bootable usb.

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Are you sure that this is a hxc gotek ? What is printed on the display when no usb stick is inserted ?

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