Problem with HxC "Burst (Index) Timing"

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Re: Problem with HxC "Burst (Index) Timing"

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ryansupak wrote:I've tried multiple SD cards, and the HxC works great on a Windows XP Desktop PC I had lying around.

I'm in the process of going through the Service Manual for the Emulator2. The voltage is perfect.

According to the Service Manual, there are a variety of timing issues you can check with an oscilloscope (I've already fixed one) and there are still hardware items I can go through. (I'm in the process of replacing about USD $5 worth of ICs, Gates and Muxers and such, that the Service Manual says might be the problem.)

If the problem with "Burst Timing" is definitely not related to the HxC software, I'll keep researching the Emulator2 hardware. I just wanted to cover that base, so thanks! :)

In fact i have no idea at all what means "Burst Timing". I will have a look in the EII service manual.

( Also don't hesitate to replace all decoupling capacitors around the FDC ;) )

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