Emulator II files not loading

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Emulator II files not loading

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Dear All,

A friend of mine has got a fully renovated Emulator II sampler equipped with a Lotharek HxC2001 Rev F. The drive was working when he got his hands on it but as the renovation work has been completed it was no longer the case. Then the drive itself has been tested in another Emulator II and it was functioning well, at least the engineer told us when he gave back the whole stuff. The engineer ran out of ideas what the problem could be, seemingly all hardware components in the Emulator II are ok, memory test is running with no fault found. The current status is that the drive somehow communicates with the Emulator but loading of system or sample files does not start. The only file we could run from the drive is the memory test (which as I wrote is running perfectly). That also means booting of Emulator is not done. We tried different revisions (2.1, 3.1) and on Emulator side the respective revision was displayed correctly however further then the loading got stuck.

We used the files downloaded from here:

https://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_dri ... Images.zip

So, at this point we are not sure what and where the issue could be (drive and/or Emulator).
You can check the case in this short video:

password: emulator

Please, help us with your expert comments. Thank you in advance.


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