Upgrade to EOS4.70 from 4.02 using GOTEK

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Upgrade to EOS4.70 from 4.02 using GOTEK

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Hi there
Was hoping someone here would be able to assist.
I have recently installed a new GOTEX FDD emulator in my E-MU Ultra E5000.
The sampler came with EOS4.02 and I would like to upgrade to EOS4.70.
Have downloaded the disk images (HFE format), formatted a new USB key with FAT32, uploaded the E0S4.70 HFE image to the root directory and plugged onto the GOTEK drive in the sampler.
I can see the file on the OLED screen but the sampler is not botting into upgrade mode nor recognise the content on the USB key ("unknown file format" error).
Has anyone completed the upgrade successfully and if so, could you provide some clear instructions how this can be achieved ??

Thank you all in advance !

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Re: Upgrade to EOS4.70 from 4.02 using GOTEK

Post by Jeff »

Is the HxC firmware installed on this Gotek ?

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