EMAX-II "Please Insert Disk"

HxC Floppy Emulator E-mu Emax support
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EMAX-II "Please Insert Disk"

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I'm very sorry for asking the same question again but I'm new to floppy emulators.
I just recently bought an Emax-II Keyboard (4 mb) with internal HD and got a HxC emulator (SD-card).
The HxC was not installed in the EMAX-II so I installed the emulator, with ID0A set to ON, all others Off.

I downloaded the QuickInstall_FloppyDiskImages and unziped SDHxCFE_Emu_Emax_II.zip.

I copied the following files to the root of the SD-Card:
HXCSDFE.CFG <-- selected 'Normal' config.

I insert the SD-card turn on the EMAX-II. I can hear the HD start and then I get the classic "Please Insert Disk!".

If I use the old floppy drive or turned the floppy cable around on the HxC, the EMAX-II boot from the HD (SCSI ID 2). I can load banks from HD but only the HD can be selected when pushing "Drive Select" button.

Anyone know what I've done wrong?

Kind regards

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Re: EMAX-II "Please Insert Disk"

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For the Emax II the switch setting should be ID0-A (1).
Is the floppy ribbon connected correctly ?
Have you selected an file image ?

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