HxC Floppy Emulator E-mu Emax support
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Hey All Proud newbie EMAX 1 with GOTEK HxC usb owner here.

I have done my due diligence in getting things running, placed the OS and Config file in the same directory, updated the HxC firmware to HXCFEUSB_V3_1_23_1a.UPD, but I still have a couple issues and a couple questions for the knowledgable folks here:

When I first installed the Gotek I was unable to save a preset as I did not save a blank formatted disk image from the original floppy drive. I was able to get it working with a blank formatted DSKA0000.hfe file provided to me by Robinson (mus1c_m4k3r) which has now has to be in every folder to get the EMAX to work.

Issue 1:

While I can format the drive, save a preset and rename on the EMAX screen now, it appears as tho this does not rename the DSKA000X.hfe's as seen in factory sound banks (e.g ArcoStrings.hfe).

Question 1
Wondering if there is a work around with this as I wanted to be able to compile a bank of my own custom presets but this makes organizing them a challenge and requires me to make an individual named folder with an unnamed DSKA000X.hfe in it.

Issue 2

After saving the first preset, I have noticed that additional presets will save but then disappear or fail to load after power cycling.

Question 2

Is this an issue with Gotek File Structure or this Green (newb) EMAX User?

Issue 3

I have also noticed that I have been unable to load certain banks off the factory sound banks drive as I get the "please insert disk" error when switching banks on the GOTEK.

Question 3

Can someone post the file structure they use when dumping factory banks onto the thumb drive please?

Side Notes

I recently got an eMuSeR from Wolfram with his awesome software but still doesn't solve my bank transfer issue as I don't use .EMS, EM1 or .EB1 files. I'm currently working on going down the EMXP/Crossover rabbit hole but wondering if its not easier to just convert .hfe's or obtain new factory sound banks in .EMS, EM1 or .EB1 formats?

Thanks for your time and suggestions 🙏🏽

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