How to make enough memory in Emax HD to sample without deleting presets?

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How to make enough memory in Emax HD to sample without deleting presets?

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Hi, Jeff and Emu Emax users: I have an Emu Emax HD, on the SD card Kingston class 10 - 16 gb, fat32 format, this .CFG file, emuemaxos.hfe and I have updated firmware HXCFE-V1_8_6_1a.upd, I describe it as work With Emax:
1) Inside the SD Card I have saved a Bank called "Piano" with 3 or 4 preset of pianos with the rest of the files before detailed, with the updated firmware.
2) I turn on the Emax with the SD card, load the Emax operating system, then choose the "Sample module" and check the amount of memory indicates that it is insufficient to sample.
3) Press "Master Module" button and then choose "Format Disk" to delete the memory and empty it to sample, but also delete the preset of the "Piano" bank.
How do I erase the Emax memory without deleting the existing presets on the SD card?

After pressing "Format Disk", the only thing that appears on the Emax display is: "00 Untitled"
I need to create many presets (you can create from 00 to 99 presets per bank), but prevent pre-existing presets from being deleted.
Is there any other function to erase the Emax memory without deleting saved presets?
I also use the "Save All" function of the "Preset Management Module" and saves the last sampled presets, but the presets previously saved do not appear.
Would you have to choose the "Erase All" function so that it has no effect on presets stored in the last session?
I hope your help, if it is useful I can upload a video.
Thanks and regards.

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