loading rev f - em1.hfe files - "different software version"

HxC Floppy Emulator E-mu Emax support
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loading rev f - em1.hfe files - "different software version"

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EMAX 2 HD se with rev f emulator

I dl'ed the floppies from here-
http://www.hermannseib.com/english/synt ... floppy.htm

and made them into hfe files. They all load into the emax perfectly.

However, when i hit analog process for some filtery goodness- i get the message on the emax

"different software version"

I'm guessing its to do with the original files being em1 not em2 but its all a bit frustrating.

Does anyone

a- know what the hell to do?
Do i need to use emxp?
I seem to remember converting using batch convert in the hxc software
(ive read the forum inside out)

b- know where to find any banks on the interweb that work?
surely we all go through the same process when we get a floppy emulator.
(im not looking for a free ride, happy to share some of my banks when i know how to convert)

thanks very much in advance.

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