SP1200 help!

HxC Floppy Emulator E-mu SP1200 support
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SP1200 help!

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I'm writing to you as I have some issues with installing SD FB Floppy Drive Emulator - BLACK CASE in my SP1200. I installed the unit the way it's shown in the yt video:
except for the "switch" part which I didn't change in the HXC.

Now, my problem is that the floppy emulator seems to work but it doesn't want to read the files I put on SDCard (from the Lotharek homepage - "Ready images for different devices - SP1200"). I checked the device with three different SDCards: SDHC 32, 8, 4 GB previously formatted with FAT32. I tried to put the files (.CFG at first) in several different ways (copy/paste, drag/drop, through the HXC software) but all I get is the "DISC READ ERROR". I don't really know what to do next. I read all the posts from your forum, tried to apply your suggestions but nothing is actually working.

What shall I do? Is it a hardware or software issue? Can you walk me through step by step? SP1200 is the centrepiece of my studio and its main sequencer. It used to work perfectly well with the original floppy drive. My SP1200 is generally in very good condition.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Re: SP1200 help!

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Solved by email :
I've reconnected the floppy ribbon and now It's working fine!
Thank you very much!
best regards

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