Read/VerifyError and Start-Up problems

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Re: Read/VerifyError and Start-Up problems

Post by Jeff »

FWDE wrote:Excuse me for my ignorance (I'm no technician) but how can I back-up the files on the SD-card that doesn't load: because my MAC can't read it (have to format it again).

Do you think if I create a new SD-card with latest firmware and load it in my SP1200 that I can switch to the old SD-card (without turning of the SP1200) to load and back-up my previous tracks on the new SD? Or will I have the same loading issues again?
I am not sure to understand the problem anymore : Do you mean that you can't see the hfe present on your sdcard with your computer ? You should be able to.
Anyway : can you try another sd card ?

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Re: Read/VerifyError and Start-Up problems

Post by 12bitski »

I recommend:

Get a new SD Card (Use a reliable Brand , Class 10)

Format the SD Card with your PC / MAC in Fat 32 Format

Put the CFG file for SP1200 onto the SD Card

Put the SP1200 Library hfe files onto the SD Card (e.g. BongoFury.hfe)

Then insert the SD card into your HXC Cardreader of your SP 1200 and switch it on (You can also switch on the SP 1200 and then insert the SD card with the files. The order doesn´t matter)

Try to load up one of the Library hfe files.

If loading up files work, try this:

Go to SP 1200 Disk Menue and save Sequences (Disk Menue 1)

If that works try this:

Go to SP 1200 Disk Menue and save Sounds (Disk Menue 2)

Then switch off your SP1200, switch it on again. It should load up the last hfe-diskfile that was inserted before automatically. If not, select it and load it up.

If that works you´re good and everything should work fine and you can create new stuff.

General Tip 1:

Better do NOT format the HFE files with the SP 1200. Use working SP1200.hfe files, rename and "oversave" them

To get a really reliable EMPTY SP 1200 HFE Diskfile and make new HFE-files for SP1200 Projects:
1. Load up a working HFE diskfile to your SP1200 (e.g. BongoFury) , empty Memory of the SP 1200 and save Sequences and save Sounds. (Empty Memory overwrites existing files in the HFE-file when saving)
2. Take out the SD Card from the SP1200 (No need to switch off the SP1200) and insert it into you PC / Mac and rename the HFE File to e.g. MyEmptySP1200Disk.hfe

3. Preparing a new SP1200 Track: (The SD Card is still hooked up to the PC /MAC) Copy MyEmptySP1200Disk.hfe and rename it to e.g. MyDopeTrack1.hfe
4. Make a BACKUP of all files on the SD Card on your PC / MAC
5. Insert the SD Card back into your SP1200 hxc Cardreader, select the file MyDopeTrack1.hfe and load it up (Diskmenue 0)
6. Sample some stuff and program a simple sequence.
7. Save Sequences and Sounds to your disk-file MyDopeTack1.hfe
8. If saving worked, go to Disk-Menue and load up the same disk-file (Diskmenue 0) . If this works, you should be fine.

If you still should get verify errors, something is wrong.

General Tip 2:

Always make BACKUPS of the HFE-Files on your PC / MAC !! Best is to make a Backup right after working on the SP1200. If the SD Card should break/stop working, all your files could be lost. (It´s like you spill Lemonade all over a open Floppy-Disk-Box holding all your SP1200 Projects)

General Tip 3:

Make folders to get a better overview (e.g. MyFavoriteDrums)

Hope that helps out.

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