jumpers on SP 1200

HxC Floppy Emulator E-mu SP1200 support
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jumpers on SP 1200

Post by Jovihu »


I have a SP1200 black with the HxC Rev.F and I have a question. I installed the emulator connecting the jumpers on the first and fifth terminals, but in this video, this man says that the correct mode is the first and fourth and he connect it on the first and fifth.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACX8bseE6Ew (You can see it in the 2:59 seconds)

What is the correct mode?? :)

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Re: jumpers on SP 1200

Post by Jeff »

For me the first one (DS0 / ID0-A) should be enough.

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Re: jumpers on SP 1200

Post by Mix-club »

Hello Jeff
Any idea for the jumpers setting on the original version of the HXC?
Please see my thread just below with the picture attached, I can not make it work with my SP !
I know the SD card is good so beside a jumper setting, I don't know...

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