Tue 17 Feb 2009

More than 100 USB HxC Floppy Emulator built and delivered in 2008 !

17 02 2009

Thanks to people who contributed to this unexpected success, mainly CrazyIcecap, Giants and PeterSieg!

Reminder - Project webpage : http://hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_emulator/

9 commentaires à More than 100 USB HxC Floppy Emulator built and delivered in 2008 !

27 02 2009
lupu :

I have a machine witch start with floppy disk I want to buy one of your floppy emulator to can connect this machine with PC. I want to know if I can use a memory pen to can save data and I want to know if I can see all memory capacity (ex 4G) or I will se only 1,44Mb
Best regards,
Dr Lupu Sebastian

22 05 2009
Dinis Baptista :

How can I buy and what's the price of one floppy emulator to usb or sd?

03 06 2009
Greg McGee :

Is there curently a reseller for these units?

I would like more info, and possibly to purchase several for various ancient equipment we have.

They would strictly be used as fixed floppy replacements for embedded OS load, although an image server could be set up, stand alone would be preferred (using embedded flash or an EEPROM)

I understand the floppy interface on most machines is limited to <150kbps, this is not an issue for actual floppy emulation.

07 06 2009
Christoffer Gurell :

How do i go about buying one of these? I can't find any information on that anywhere here or on jeanfrancoisdelnero.free.fr

02 07 2009
Pani :

I would pay €100 for one of these units. Please contact me - info@seabase.eu



16 07 2009
Saulot :

I would like to purchase one as well for my amiga 600, so I would like more info on this.
Could you communicate with me into saulot@live.com?
Thank you

29 07 2009
Ville :

I would like to buy couple of these...

Is there any plans for new build?

19 08 2009
Graham :

Are there any for sale, i am in the UK and would like info if there are any ready built.

21 08 2009
Jeff_HxC2001 :

please go to the forum, a new batch is launched :