Sun 13 Jan 2008

Coming soon

13 01 2008

Schematic + pcb +binaries of the standalone mcu based version of the HxCFloppyEmulator :

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18 01 2008
gizmomelb :

excellent work! I look forward to making my own floppy drive emulator! thank you for your and effort to develop this great idea.

30 01 2008
Paul :

WOW great! I was just looking for a way to give new life to my very old laptop-pc (386SX/25) that is working properly but has a defect HDD and FDD (replacement is no longer available).
I was thinking, why nobody has put a hardware together that emulates a floppy-drive... there are many projects using a flashcard as a memory media that is also usable on a pc to exchange data, but i haven't found one replacing a floppy-drive.

I would love to build one on my own floppy-dive emulator... because auf my limited abilities i would prefere a version with discrete components like the one in your picture. What mcu do you use? I did some little projects with ATMega mcu and found it very suitable...

07 02 2008
Eclipse :

This is the solution a lot of people have been looking for.
Keep up the good work :)

08 07 2008
Peter Sieg :

I also look forward to the release on pcb+schematics+firmware to build some units myself of the stand alone version..

Great work! Peter

04 08 2008
kumar karny :

i have seen about floppy drive emulator pcb+schematics+firmware . it is interfacing with sd card perpectly but not interfacing with PC. how to interface to PC.
pleace help me to interface with PC.

06 02 2009
Mike :

Any chance these are going to be released?

05 09 2009
ORI Network :

i have looking this device for 3 year and no result, but here i found some new and i hope can make it true, please help.??? for replacement disk drive roland keyboard.