Wed 21 Mar 2007

Standalone version in progress

21 03 2007

Many of you would rather have a standalone version of the HxC Floppy Drive Emulator (using a memory card) than a version needing a USB connection to a host computer.

Jeff has taken this wish into account, and is currently working on such a version, as you can see on this picture.

HxCFDE standalone

As usual, feel free to ask your questions in the forum.

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06 08 2008
Marian Miller :


Would it be possible to omit the PC software part and make the transformation to MFM signals onboard? So that the board would be usable in similar way as sio2sd on 8bit Atari - you just copy the images to SD card, assign image to drive via buttons on the board and LCD display ...

Best regards,
Marian Miller