Tue 21 Nov 2006

Sources available

21 11 2006

Jeff has made his VHDL sources available. With those sources, as well as the schematics and the Windows software also available on his site, you have now all the necessary stuff to build your own HxC Floppy Drive Emulator :)
Check his site here for more information.

For the impatient :

Have fun :)

6 commentaires à Sources available

06 12 2006
Jamie Prince :

Hi was just wondering if this project would be suitable for emulation of 1.44mb PC style disks?

06 12 2006
Torlus :

The latest released IP core is able to do 1.44mb floppy drives support.
Please register to the forum if you're interested in such a project. You might also find answers to your questions in here, too.

17 04 2007
nyder :

The link for the schematics is broken.

17 04 2007
Torlus :

Right... I'll tell Jeff about it. Thanks for the info.

19 04 2007
Torlus :

I contacted Jeff about it, and he told me that the sources have been removed, as he needs to find the licensing terms for them. I've edited this post to reflect this situation.

17 09 2007

Can you public sources of the software?