Thu 19 Oct 2006

Website opened

19 10 2006

This webiste is dedicated to the HxC Floppy Drive Emulator project. If you don't know what it is, please go to the About section to learn more about it.

The project is currently in a prototype stage : it means that most of the stuff works (both hardware and software), but that it is still not ready to be delivered to the public. We are now planning to have ready-to-use boards manufactured and sell them at a reasonable price.

However, many options can be considered for this purpose, depending mostly on the desired features, that will condition the hardware parts we will use. What we want to do with this website is to get some feedback for people that would be interested in such a system.

If you are interested in such a project, and might consider to buy such a board, please register to the forum. The e-mail address provided during registration will be used to contact you afterwards, to keep you informed, or ask you to take surveys about features you would like to see, price range, etc. Please don't worry about this process, your e-mail address will be used solely for this purpose.