Thu 19 Oct 2006

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19 10 2006

For any question or inquiry about the project, please have a look at the forum first, as you may already find answers.

If you want to receive information and updates about this project, please register to the forum. The e-mail address provided during registration will be used to contact you afterwards, to keep you informed (and solely for this purpose).

6 commentaires à Contact us

23 04 2007
Richard Lim :

Like to get a unit of the emulator. Will it work on all non IBM PC terminals?

25 07 2008
David Marques Neves :

Did you know some USB pen drive that JUST emulate a floppy?

04 05 2009
ab :

Hi Sir
May i get more information?
If I need a SCSI (50 pin) connector to transfer ,do you have any idea?
May i ask about the price?

12 05 2009
malvinder singh :

i have bay floppy emulater

27 09 2009
Chasse :

Where can i buy one , how much

10 11 2009
francisco santos :

i an brasilian amiga user , and i like build standalone foloppy emulator dowload all docs for build warning -This PCB is not recommended for production - because ?
i cant build or have problem