FutureOS supporting the great HxC: New update available...

HxC Floppy Emulator on Amstrad CPC support
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FutureOS supporting the great HxC: New update available...

Post by TFM » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:34 pm

... at www.futureos.de

What's new?

Update / Change log

I. FutureOS
- Update of the Documentation
- New expanded automatic installer created:
- supports choice of number system (hexadecimal or decimal)
- Allows to select a ROM number for the Dobbertin / dxs RTC
- New OS functions: RBB_8, RBB_16, ZEIBI, ZEIBJ, GET_DIR, R_RTC
RB_8, RB_16, B8DIN, B16DIN, E2XRAM, FER7F added
- Enhancements for Monitor TV and LCD TV
- Bit 0 of config variable KF_CPC decides if UI works in HEX or DEZ
- IDE Icon disappears in SPARtan mode (when not used)
- Hot keys for the Desktop added :-)
- FDC error tolerance increased
- Expanded TYPE Icon functionality:
- Added ability to show regular 17 KB and compressed OCP screens
- Enhanced management of the CPC Mini-Booster and the MultiPlay card
- Spanish and French language interface improved
- Some Bugs in format function cured
- Error message for File-Copy added
- OS function LADE_N expanded: Set 8. bit of drive number
to ignore file header and load according to user data
- OS functions ICON6ON and ICON3ON expanded
- They now work with all (MODE 2: 6-104) values for columns
- RRB0 corrected, generates free E-RAM instead of Short-Time-Memory
- REName corrected, will save lower RAM
- Read DIR related bugs killed
- Better VN96 support
- Some more bugs killed

II. Wallpapers
- Automatic display of OK Icon in SPARtan mode added
- Added a second disc with just a few but nice Wallpapers

III. CBM - Application Shell
- Devices can be selected (A-M) and their DIRectories can be read
without the need to return to the Desktop. This file overworked
Restart restaurates SP save. File selector ESC makes warm start.
- Hot keys added
- X-Menue added, more functionality

IV. ROManager 2.14
- Function added to ReRead DIRectories
- Static display of time and day at menu entry
- bugs killed
- Support for CP/M Graduate software E-ROMs enhanced

V. Applications
- "Little Help" / "Kl.Info-Sys" updated
- Update of "Konfig OS" / "Config OS"

VI. CP/M Plus ROMs
- ROMs and documentation on FutureOS homepage now

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Re: FutureOS supporting the great HxC: New update available.

Post by Jeff » Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:46 am


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