Transferring Files from PC to Floppy Image

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Transferring Files from PC to Floppy Image

Post by mvenshnop » Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:34 pm

I am trying to get some preset voice files (.VCE) from my PC to a blank floppy image that my Kaypro II can understand. I am working with a Synergy DK2 synth and a Kaypro II computer running CP/M.

I understand the concept is not as simple as drag and drop but I am new to this process and would like a solid place to start learning about the process of manipulating floppy images that can be read in CP/M. Someone must have done this to some degree at some point with CP/M. I see a lot of DOS options but CP/M seems to be much more rare.

I am a mac user but have access to a 64 bit windows computer, I suppose if need be I could get a serial connection going via some kind of terminal program but I looked forward to just creating my images for the hxc emulator.

thanks for any information you have, I appreciate it very much.

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Re: Transferring Files from PC to Floppy Image

Post by Jeff » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:08 pm

This is maybe a starting point :

This software probably need some modifications to access floppy images directly, but it can probably work with one hxc in the pc.

The ultimate solution is to add the cpm fs support into the hxc software disk browser.

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