Akai S01, Gotek and problems "Pro"

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Akai S01, Gotek and problems "Pro"

Post by gcipriani » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:36 am

Hy !

I'm new and I write to you for help on akai s01 and gotek drive.

I've bought from a guy a gotek drive to install on my S01. He sent me it but don't work ! The drive show always and error: "E34". If i try the format, i see always F_F and after E34.

The guy don't answer me (!!!) and I've contacted Jean Francois Del Nero. I've bought the last version of firmware, I've installed it and now the display show me "HxC" with a stick in the drive and "Nor" without stick. Perfect. But I see always "Pro" when I try to format the stick.

Del Nero sent me the image files but they are for the S950 and not work.

Where I can found the files for the S01 ? I've received the S01 from my cousin, with the floppy drive damaged, and he don't sent me the floppy disk for to find the images :(

Can you help me?


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