Sega System 24 HotRod

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Sega System 24 HotRod

Post by AtHomeTech » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:42 pm

I just bough a floppy emulator in an attempt to get my 4 player Hot Rod up and working. A few questions for those who have done this already...

1. What image did you use? I see the 4 player japaneese image out there but not sure if it works with the us security chip?

2. What dipswitch setting do I need to set.

3. Is there a special process to write the image once I get it? I see lots of setting in the image writing software but they are not making much sence with no where to start from.

Thanks for any help.

PS you should be able to email me directly if this information isn't meant to be 'public'

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