PC8801 3.5 Floppy

HxC Floppy Emulator on PC88 / PC98 and compatible support
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PC8801 3.5 Floppy

Post by Akibakun » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:33 pm

Hello. I am a new member and I just wanted to ask some questions:

I have a PC8801MK2SR and I would like to connect a "3.5 floppy. Is it possible to connect a "3.5 by replacing one of the "5 inch floppy drives? And if possible, how can I do this? Is it possible to take a PC98 "3.5 floppy and put it into the PC88 computer, or is it not compatible?

The question is because although I eventually want to use a HxC floppy drive emulator, I first want to try this solution since I have a big bunch of "3.5 floppies in my house that would be useful.

Anyone with experience of this? Is the procedure the same as with connecting the HxC floppy emulator? Could I just take/make a cable intended for the HxC and then just put a "3.5 floppy drive there instead of the HxC?

Sorry for the noob questions. Thanks in advance.

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