Rasp Pi & PC Setup

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Rasp Pi & PC Setup

Post by Beaglz » Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:03 am

Hi There,

I am in need of help in configuring/compiling the emulator software for use on Rasp Pi - I have searched the forums and found similar questions but no apparent 'step by step' instructions.

Unfortunately I am more of a 'hardware' person than 'software' so get a bit lost in this area.

What I want to achieve is having my Gotek (have flashed with HxC firmware, USB version) connected to PC to Rasp Pi and then to the Atari ST / Amiga or what ever computer and load images from the PC as per the various demo videos. Apparently I need to compile the software on the Rasp Pi and add drivers and other stuff but how is this done? Is there a sd-card image available for the Rasp Pi?

Can someone please help as I am stuck with this hardware which is effectively a paper weight at the moment.

Much appreciated.

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