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Forum improvements/ideas

Post by teevee » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:12 am

Forum improvements/ideas

We actually have a nice forum with lots of useful knowledge thanks to Jeff and users. I had a few ideas/thoughts, which I would like to share.

Here is a few points I have observed:
1. Topic starter cannot edit their topic and example add a [Solved] tag in the title.
• A process feature would also be nice in this case, where you as topic starter can set a status on your topic as “[In progress]” and later change it to “[Solved]” and then the title would change too.

2. We have many double-posts. (Not from the same user, but about same device and the solution is often the same)

3. Graveyard folder < an under-folder where “dead” or “off” topics can go.
• Some old issue topics are maybe not even relevant anymore due to firmware upgrades.

4. Many posts, where the topic title does not make sense, example “Getting this crap to work”
• Would it somehow make sense to force users to reveal their device in the title?

5. Many uncategorized topics, where the topic should be moved to another category, example: ->

I know that some of my suggestions, would probably require sorting work, but I think that many of them will come many users to benefit in the end.

Comments or other ideas would also be nice! :)

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