Build FDD emulator, for diferent use

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Build FDD emulator, for diferent use

Post by adammuelta » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:18 pm

hello Jeff, my name is Luis and I'm writing from Portugal.

I repair injection molding machinery, and some of them use floppy discs for memory, so I want to upgrade them, and I found your project.

This kind of machinery works with a simple version of DOS, and I see that your system works on DOS.

I want to implement your system SD card on floppy emulator, but not with Disc Images, but real files, I believe that i have to make some changes to your program, can you teach? or send program?

Of course I would like if you privilege me send me electrical schematics and program, and some your study notes.

If you agree, after I finis my project, I will send you an exemplar for you see.

In mean time can you sell me one?

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