Question to Audronic about System 80

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Question to Audronic about System 80

Post by namachari » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:43 am

Hi Audronic, anf Jeff,
A few weeks ago tried my gotek HxC on my System 80. I was able to boot DOS fine, but once DOS was loaded and I change to the next image and tried to do a directory listing, it wouldn't work, and the system either crashed, or displays a directory listing that seems unrelated to the present image...and then crashes. I've tried this with a variety of System 80 and TRS80 DOS's with similar effects.

I thought maybe DOS was not realising that the disk had changed. I tried doing a manual disk change (eject disk, insert disk) on the Gotek, but that didn't seem help.

Audronic, as you are the only other parson I've seen who has tried anything like this on a System 80, I was wondering if you ever experienced similar issues?



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Re: Question to Audronic about System 80

Post by Audronic » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:04 am

Hi Phil

Yes it wont work as the overlays (System files have to be loaded from the System Disk).
I think LDOS has a command to say you have changed Disks have a look in the Manual (I don't use LDOS)
You may have to make a Booting System disk 80 Track Double Sided and copy the files you want to use onto that disk ??

Good luck

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