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Post by belzrebuth » Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:12 pm

Hi all,
has anyone put a gotek to an Emu Classic series?
I believe that it's a standard PC drive at S0 so I could use HXC PC 1.44" firmware and go from there although I'm a bit unsure on how to put files from my pc in as gotek images for the sampler to read.
I imagine formatting the empty hfe files and writing samples etc *from* the sampler would work out of the box; it's the other way around that worries me.
I need the floppy drive to update my EOS from 4.02 to 4.62 and may never use it afterwards as I've already got a SCSI disk in there.
So I mainly want to somehow put the EOS .img files in the gotek and just flash my sampler's OS.
Can I use the HXC software to convert the .img files to the hxc format (hfe) and I'm done?


UPDATE: I've installed the HxC bootloader/firmware and the DOS 1.44" quick image.
The gotek drive is recognised by the sampler so I can read and write but I still can't get it to boot from the flashprep disk (needed to update my OS).
I've tried changing the delay settings (5 on the hxc menu) but still..
Is there any setting that I can change that effects on how fast the gotek will be available to the sampler OS?

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